BEST WESTERN Bazarell Inn has accepted the commitment of adopting and achieving Good Environmental Practices (GAP) suggested by BEST WESTERN Mexico regarding environmental care. These practices are focused on a model that directs the hotel’s operations toward the sustainability allowing to create an ecologic value within the client lodging, to generate a culture of environmental management within the hotel’s processes, and to give an additional value to the hotels by been externally evaluated by a prestigious institution. Good Environmental Practices Manual: It is structured in four core modules where each one is divided into a several tasks of good environmental practices:

  • Energy.
  • Water.
  • Solid Waste.
  • Environmental awareness.

Each module requires the completion of several tasks that require a constant planning, doing, checking and improving. The implementation of the good environmental practices manual within Hotel BEST WESTERN Bazarell Inn is under the supervision of the management department who have designated the corresponding support staff to carry out each green task in the best possible way. With the hierarchies’ pyramid regarding the various positions within the manual tasks, the responsibilities and its verifications have been delegated to the workers in order to begin the corresponding implementation and making a future evaluation. In general, the implementation of these practices requires effort and teamwork by all employees and guests. Currently BEST WESTERN Bazarall Inn has implemented a long list of good environmental practices, however, in some cases they are very simple to make so we would like to invite you to participate in the following way:

Electric power:
Please every time you leave your room help us by turning off the lights, air conditioning/heating, coffee maker, television, extractor, and any other electric device that you will be no longer using.  

Please every time you use the bathroom help us spend less water by taking showers that last no more than five minutes, by flushing the toile when it is really necessary, by using the sheets change sign, and by using a cup whenever you brush your teeth or shave.

Social awareness:
If you know of any other good environmental practices that fits our hotel facilities or if you want to give your review about our commitment towards the environmental care, please do not hesitate to inform the management staff who will gladly accept any comments and opinions on this important issue that is taking care of the environment. It is everyone’s responsibility to realize these environmental practices to meet a growing demand toward the reduction of the environmental impact caused by our daily activities.

Let’s be eco-friendly!